100 by 100 Midnight Under the Stars

Thank-you for your interest in the The FOLLIES AFFAIR and our special item 100 by 100 Midnight Under the Stars. 

 What is the 100 by 100? This year we are selling 100 tickets towards our raffle! The more you buy, the more likely you are to win the prize; this also includes a 100% chance of helping Live Arts fund its mission. It is possible to win the raffle remotely! In other words: you do not have to attend the FOLLIES AFFAIR in order to win.

What is the Prize? Enjoy a truly stellar experience. The lucky winner of this item (and 9 of their friends) will receive a dinner for 10 catered by the C&O Restaurant at McCormick Observatory. There will be a guided tour of the night sky by the University of Virginia astronomer Dr. Edward Murphy. As one high-bidder put it, “Astronomers, violas, french gypsy guitar, cocktail star lessons on wet grass, Brecht, Galileo, great drink and food, and the rings of Saturn as clear and seemingly near as day. Dave Simpson’s and The Observatory’s enactment of this gift could not possibly have been more creative, generous, or magical. We left the mundane for the stars. No one there will ever cease to fondly remember.”

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